Goal Establishment and Achievement

Feeling stuck. Wanting a shift. Making a career change. Moving across the country – or to a new one.

While working together, I will support you to release restraints, shake things up, gain clarity and move into change with confidence and curiosity. Potentially revealing undiscovered goals as well as achieving goals that may seem beyond reach.

Uncoupled Partners in Parenthood.

For people who have chosen to uncouple but who have a deep desire to be partners in parenthood. As partners in parenthood, you desire support to create clear visions and goals as a team to be the best parents to your children. Many parents have not developed clear visions, boundaries and goals for their parenting system. You desire balance, equity and a positive partnership to support the child, or children, in your lives.

Families with children who are Gender Nonconforming or Exploring their Gender Identity

Partnering to support your family to empower your child as they discover their gender identity. When children identify as gender nonconforming or as a gender not assigned at birth, families do not always know how to best support their child. The partnership we establish aims to foster synchronicity between your desires for your child and your child’s need to be seen and acknowledged for who they are.